How to Make a Gold Amulet

Whether you’re a lover of jewelry or just want to spoil yourself with everlasting adornment, there is a project for you. Learn how to make gold amulets that can be an amazing gift or memento from a memorable event. The process is surprisingly easy -gold wire is twisted into shape and shaped into the desired amulet shape. It’s as easy as stringing some beads together!

Find a gold bar OSRS

This is where you can buy gold bars osrs.

The gold bar is the most primary and common ore you will find in Runescape. This can be mined from places such as Lumbridge Swamp or Edgeville Dungeon and it can also be obtained by killing monsters such as Mogres and Zombies. The best way to mine for a gold bar is with a Rune Pickaxe or better because they have a higher chance of mining two ores at once which is amazing. Gold ore spawns in the respawn area so it can be easily mined and you will most likely get gold bars osrs as a drop from the monsters mentioned.

Cast the Lvl 7 Enchant spell on it

To enchant your amulet, you need to cast the Lvl 7 Enchant spell on it. Make sure you have finely cut gems and gold bars osrs in your inventory when you enter the enchantment interface. You can then use various levels of non-members or members enchantments in order to add an effect to your amulet.

Use an Amulet mold to make the amulet shape

You can also use an Amulet mold to make the amulet shape. Simply use the gold bar OSRS and the amulet mold to create the desired shape for your amulet.  You can find an Amulet mold in the Crafting store South of Falador and you will need a Ring mould to make the gold bars osrs.

Try different shapes and colors to find something you like

When creating your amulet, try different shapes and colors to find something you like. There are so many options, so feel free to experiment using the gold bars osrs that you mine or buy. You can also create the amulets with other pieces of equipment that have gems embedded into them such as dragonstone, onyx and jade. You can also try creating a shape that you will wear or give to someone else such as a heart for your loved one, a star for your child and so on.

When using the gold bar OSRS and magic spells to create amulets, keep in mind that some may not be enchanted and others might be enchanted whereas some may have no gems. You can also try different shapes, colors and textures with the different pieces of equipment to create something truly unique for yourself or as a gift. Maybe you’ll even want to create all of them!

How to string amulets osrs

To string amulets osrs you will need to use a needle and some string. Simply sew the two ends of the string together and then thread it through the amulet’s hole. The other end should now be knotted securely against the gold bar OSRS or piece of equipment, if you are using one. You can also attach charms to the string as well.

Congratulations! You have finished your article and made a gold amulet. When worn, this can be used in place of money for some transactions such as trading with the Grand Exchange clerks and even buying items from non-player characters (NPCs). It can also be worn as an adornment for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. To wear the amulet, simply select it from your inventory on the Equipment tab. Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy your new gold amulet.

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